Cosmic Sound has a complete well-integrated recording system. Our AV Wall panels are carefully routed to our pre-amps, console channels, DAW’s input/output and monitoring systems. Our 3 recording rooms have 5 AV panels, Wide and acoustically designed spaces, stable energy, natural and colored LED illumination behind acoustic panels.


In Cosmic Sound we can mix outside Pro tools (outside the box) or make a 32 analog summing in our SSL Matrix 2 console. We have analog EQ and compressors and a stereo analog compressor (API), which are easily inserted in our sessions. We also have a big plug in collection, which can give different colors and sounds to our mixes.


Our ADAM S3X-H monitors provide us a huge amount of audio fidelity, which together with our perfectly acoustic designed and reflection free control room makes posible a truly effective mastering experience. We also have analog equipment and plug ins which together make almost anything sound big and punchy. We welcome high-resolution mixes, we will make them sound huge.


We offer you the best technology and the highest resolution sound on the market